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Be the master

of your identity

We're on a mission to help you own your data and identity, 

control how you benefit from it, and when it's

monetised to transform your life.


For individuals


Control your data

Reclaim ownership and control of your most personal and sensitive information. Provide proof without sharing your actual data and cancel access at any time.

Personalise your life

Join the data unions that benefit you without compromising your digital safety and privacy.


Change the future of commerce by sharing what you need upfront so it can be designed and built just for you.

Redefine your potential

Be paid for your data and take your most important achievements with you. Get offered your next dream job before you start the search.

For business and not-for-profits


Destroy the honeypot

Hand responsibility for user data management to your customers. Use and benefit from customer data without the cyber security risks.


Source endless data

Shift your focus from guessing and selling to personalised product development and customer success.

Automate data management, micro-segmentation, targeting and analysis.

Transform employee experience

Complete employment checks instantly and recognise all employee achievements by creating career assets for life. Skills and talent mapping becomes a breeze and talent sourcing changes forever.




Blockchain technologies are essential to establish the trust, transparency and scalability we need to reclaim our digital safety and privacy.

Digital credentials that are verifiable and tamper-evident enable smart contracts to instantly verify a job applicant’s credentials and work experience.



We’d love to discuss how we can enable your customers, students or employees to own their own data and contribute to the future of your business or not-for-profit.

Please get in touch!

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About us

We’re a senior team of dedicated professionals with the experience and battle scars to know what it takes to bring an ambitious vision for the future of digital safety and privacy to life.

Yet it’s only with the the broader engagement and support of the companies, government enterprises, universities, colleges and not-for-profits within our community, that we can be certain to make our vision a reality.

About Us

Founder & CEO

Angus Mackay

Australia and UNSW Canberra cyber security expert, Nigel Phair, estimates cybercrime costs Australia’s economy about $42 billion a year and the 67,500 cybercrimes reported in 2021 are only about one-fifth of the actual amount.

We’re extremely motivated to work with the community to do everything we can to make a difference.

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Founder & CTO

Jack ...

Blockchain, cryptography and AI technologies offer immense transformational capabilities, but as Spiderman likes to remind us “with great power comes great responsibility”.


The complexity of these technologies and the need to ensure the provenance, fairness and veracity of both the data and the AI models that are applied, demands a very open and transparent approach.

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